Jessica was born and raised in Abilene, growing up on a farm raising goats. She works as a veterinary technician and in her spare time she loves to hang out with her goats and goofy husband Mark. Jessica is passionate about goat husbandry and regularly furthers her education to help the goat community. Jessica Became President in spring of 2021.

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Deb Smith

Vice President

Deb Smith currently raises commercial Boers on her farm in Hawley. She enjoys raising goats and helping out those who are in need. Deb Smith became Vice president in 2016.

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Symantha Gaspersonovich


Symantha is one of the founding member of Goat. She currently raises show quality Boer goats. She has been raising/showing them since she was a young girl in 4H. She continues to support 4H and FFA with community help and sponsorship.