Welcome to Goat Owners Association of Texas

We strive for the success of future goat owners.

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Through education, community, and commitment, our organization strives to provide the resources for the success of future generations of goat owners. Bring your whole family and join us in the fun and rewards of raising, breeding, and showing all breeds of goats.


Goat Owners Association of Texas and Jackson Bros Feed on South 11th are partnering to bring you the Community Builder Program!


Enroll your account with them for 3% of your store purchases to come back around and benefit G.O.A.T.


Not from the Abilene area? That's still okay! You can still support your club and fellow goat friends by ordering over the phone, paying with card or PayPal, and they can ship your supplies right to your door!

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and are excited to work with some of the most wonderful, hardworking, honest people we know!


Thank you Jackson Bros!!!

Community Builder Program 

Resources for Sucess

  • Breeding Management

  • Birthing Assistance

  • Running Fecals

  • DHIR (Milk Testing)

  • Linear Appraisal

  • Show Preparation

  • Kid Management

  • Hoof Trimming

  • Parasite Programs

  • Shots and Blood Draw

  • Disease Prevention

  • Nutrition Planning

  • Roughage Analysis

  • Travel Safety

  • Emergency Planning